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Unformatted text preview: mpressions) Click-through rate - number-of-banners- clicked / number-of-banners-viewed Effectiveness of banner ads less than 2% click-through rate but exposure to banner ads improves brand image 38 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | the ability to measure their impact (i.e., E-Business e-payments Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) - system that sends bills over the Internet and provides a payment mechanism available through local banks or online services ( Credit cards represent 80% of e- payments in north America Micro payments: used to purchase mp3s, 39 news articles, etc. M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | “Allowance e.g., Accounts” for kids by iTunes E-Business B2C e-commerce is the “promise” Someone said that if B2C e-commerce is the “promise”, then e-business is everything that goes into fulfilling that “promise” Discuss 40 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | The promise E-Business B2C e-commerce is the “promise” Top: Management Level Summarized Detailed Low: Operational Level [Source: Haag et al., 2006] 41 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | To fulfill the promise of ecommerce, the information you make available to outsiders must be reliable (e.g., stock level, order status, etc.) An ERP system ensures (among other things) the reliability of E-Business B2C e-commerce is the “promise” 42 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | E-Business B2C e-commerce is the “promise” 43 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | E-Business some benefits Better Accessibility Businesses can operate 24/7 Increased Customer Loyalty Additional channels to contact, respond to, and access customers contribute to customer loyalty Improved Information Content Web pages present customers with updated information in real-time about goods, services, and prices 44 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | Increased Convenience E-Business some challenges Protecting consumers against invasion of privacy, hackers, etc. Leveraging existing systems integrating old systems with the new ones Increased liability Internet law is vaguely defined and differs from country to country Providing security To protect information while it travels on the 45 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | network and while encryption) stored in databases (e.g.,...
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