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Unformatted text preview: ne, it also involves: marketing (online if possible) - the before customer service 27 (online if possible) M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | the after E-Business features of e-commerce Universal Standards Interactivity (HTTP, HTML, etc.) Social Technology (user involvement) Mass customization (businesses tailor products/services to customers’ specifications) Personalization E-commerce Ubiquity (everywhere, anytime) (businesses personalize messages to each individual) Reach Information density Richness (better quality info at less cost) (across national and regional boundaries) (complexity of message, in various forms) 28 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | Source: E-commerce by Laudon and Traver, 2011 - with modifications E-Business classification (1) Based on who is involved B2C (business to consumer) B2B (business to business) – represents 80% of all online business C2C (consumer to consumer) C2B (consumer to business): consumer indicates a need; businesses compete to fulfill it G2C (government to consumer or e29 government): government provides services or information | M Benyoucef | ADM2372to businesses or individuals E-Business classification (2) (B2C, pure play, retail) (B2C, click & mortar, 30 retail) (C2C, pure play, auctions) (C2C, pure play, classifieds) (B2C, click & mortar, financial institution) (B2C, pure play, financial institution) (C2B, pure M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | play, travel) E-Business M-Commerce Mobile commerce (M-commerce) New channel for reaching customers Popular in Europe and Asia check train schedules, obtain movie listings, purchase tickets, etc. Location based commerce (L-commerce) Customers are located and offered ads or info ( weather and traffic reports, nearby restaurant specials, etc.) Some technical challenges for M-commerce 31 size of ADM2372 | M Benyoucef | the display E-Business lower transa...
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