The television war the thetvwar

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Unformatted text preview: mmunists Because U.S. objectives were often poorly defined during the course of the war, U.S. policy often meandered and made no sense United States would “Americanize” the war only to “Vietnamize” it five years later. (So we could walk away.) The Vietnam War The Vietnam War Not surprisingly, a profound sense of confusion pervaded the entire conflict: the American media sometimes represented tactical victories as terrible defeats, while the U.S. military kept meticulous enemy body counts without any clear method of distinguishing the bodies of the hostile Viet Cong from those of the friendly South Vietnamese. The Television War The The T.V. War Media Impact on Americans Media Impact on Americans The Vietnam War had a tremendous impact on American society and culture, in large part because it was the first American war to be televised. The photographs, videos, and opinions of American journalists, coupled with the simple fact that young Americans were dying on foreign soil against an enemy that did not threaten the United States directly, turned much of the American public against the war. The Television War The The T.V. War The End The American Pullout: 1975 The Human Cost The The Human Cost War Protests War War Protests The Movement The Movement By the time of the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War, the antiwar movement in the United States had been in f...
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