Hemoglobin hemoglobin themainfunctionofhbistocarryo2

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Unformatted text preview: 2 alpha and 2 β polypeptide but glutamic acid in position 6 in β chain is replaced by valine . Hb synthesis starts during erythroblast stage of the eyrhtropoiesis process and it's synthesis continues up to reticulocytes stage. Mature RBC’s do not synthesize Hb. Hb synthesis needs iron, vitamins and proteins (amino acids). Hemoglobin Hemoglobin The main function of Hb is to carry O2. It combines with O2 forming oxyhaemoglobin. O2 is attached to Fe2+ atom in Hb molecule. Oxidation of Fe2+ into Fe3+ (Ferric) renders Hb to useless molecule as far as O2 carriage is concerned (Hb contains Fe in ferric state is called MetHaemoglobin which can not carry O2). Nutritional requirements for Hb synthesis: synthesis 1.Amino acids. 2.Iron. 3.Intrinsic factor and vitamin B12 (for normal division of precursor cells in bone marrow). Anaemia Anaemia Anaemia is clinically defined as a state in which the blood hemoglobin level is below the normal range for patient's age and sex. Since the main function of Hb is to carry O2 then anaemia results in...
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