Redbloodcellscountisreduced reticulocytecountislow

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Unformatted text preview: ike schistosoma (bilharziasis) Hematological findings in IDA: Hematological MCV* is reduced & Hb content of RBC is also reduced. These findings suggest hypochromic microcytic type of anemia. ­ Hb level in the blood is reduced. ­ The no. of RBC is either normal or reduced. ­ Plasma iron level is reduced. ­ Normal value of MCV is around 90 femtoliter. * MCV = Mean corpuscular (cell) volume Megaloblastic Anaemia: Megaloblastic It is due to deficiency of vitamin B12 &/or folic acid. Both folic acid & vitamin B12 are needed for proper proliferation of bone marrow cells. DNA synthesis in dividing cells needs presence of both vitamin B12 & folic acid, therefore division of bone marrow cells is delayed if either one or both mentioned factors are absent or deficient. Megaloblastic Anaemia Megaloblastic Hematological picture of megaloblastic anaemia: ­ Hb content is reduced. ­ MCV value is increased ( May be more than 120 fl ) The RBC size is large (Macrocytic anaemia) & oval in shape. ­ Red blood cells count is reduced. ­ Reticulocyte count is low. ­ Serum iron is el...
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