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Unformatted text preview: ood ­ blood loss anaemia: a. Excessive bleeding from wounds. b. Excessive natural loss of blood like excessive menstruation. Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA): Iron It is the most common type of anemia. It is due to deficiency of iron which is essential for synthesis of Hb. IDA could be due to: 1.Loss of iron because of bleeding 2.Inadequate iron in the diet 3.Malabsorption Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA): Iron IDA in infants: It may occur if the infant is not weaned at proper time. Feeding only milk to the infant after one year of age leads to development of IDA because milk is poor source for iron. Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA): Iron IDA in adolescents: Occurs if the requirement of iron exceeds the iron absorption from small intestine. This could happen during period of rapid growth. Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA): Iron IDA in women at child bearing age (reproductive age): This may be due to excessive menstruation specially if it is prolonged. About 30 mg of iron is lost per month due to menstru...
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