While respiratory system includes respiratory cns

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Unformatted text preview: Hg. while Respiratory system includes: Respiratory CNS (medulla) CNS Peripheral nervous system (phrenic nerve) Respiratory muscles Chest wall Lung Upper airway Bronchial tree Alveoli Pulmonary vasculature Potential causes of Respiratory Failure HYPOXEMIC RESPIRATORY FAILURE(TYPE 1) FAILURE(TYPE PaO2 <60mmHg with normal or low PaCO2 → normal or high pH normal Most common form of respiratory failure Lung disease is severe to interfere with Lung pulmonary O2 exchange, but over all ventilation is pulmonary maintained maintained Physiologic causes: V/Q mismatch and shunt HYPOXEMIC RESPIRATORY FAILURE CAUSES OF ARTERIAL HYPOXEMIA CAUSES 1. F...
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