BS54-Exam1-2005 - NAME TF 2005 Biological Sciences 54 EXAM...

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NAME: ___________________________________ 2005 TF: ________________________________________ Biological Sciences 54 EXAM 1 A. Be sure to write your name on the top of each of page of the examination. B. Write each answer only on the same page as the pertinent question. THE SPACE PROVIDED IS MEANT TO BE SUFFICIENT If absolutely necessary, use the back of that page to continue the answer. C. IF YOUR ANSWER CANNOT BE READ IT CANNOT BE GRADED. D. Remember, if you do not show your reasoning, you cannot get partial credit. E. The point value for each question is noted. ALLOCATE YOUR TIME WISELY. F. If you write in pencil, you cannot ask for a regrade. G. Read carefully, think before you write, good luck, and do well! page 2: __________ (25 pts) page 3: __________ (25 pts) page 4: __________ (25 pts) page 5: __________ (25 pts) TOTAL: _______ (100 pts)
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NAME:___________________________________ Page 2 of 5 1. (10 pts) A) You have isolated a new protein in yeast (Riv1) that is localized to the inner membrane of mitochondria. Riv1 is able to pump iron and contains two ABC-like domains, which face the mitochondrial matrix. You observe that when yeast cultures are incubated under anaerobic conditions for several hours, Riv1 activity significantly decreases. Explain this observation, highlighting what you know about events in the mitochondria and proteins containing ABC domains. 2. (15 pts) The p75 protein is critical for protein folding in eukaryotes. A very closely related protein, p70, is essential for protein folding in many species of bacteria. The table on the left compares the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes of five eukaryotes (A, B, C, and D). The diagram to the right of the table is a protein sequence alignment between p75, p70, and p35, where the underlaid gray
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BS54-Exam1-2005 - NAME TF 2005 Biological Sciences 54 EXAM...

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