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8 or obese 117compared to in 1978 linked to

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Unformatted text preview: se (11.7%)—compared to ________ in 1978 • Linked to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, decreased social well-being discrimination, and _____________________________ … “obesity is a hallmark of type II diabetes, with up to ________ of affected children either overweight or obese at diagnosis” (American Diabetes 85%(of children already obese when diagnosed with type 2) Association, 2000, p. 382) • ___________________________________ important to intervene during childhood Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle _________ weight problems are related to Some lifestyle Tracks to adulthood CBC obesity video- tripled obesity in canada in the past 15 years critical thinking questions: Slow weight gain a component of overweight & obesity weight management important for ___________________ everyone Should parents be involved in programs targeting _____________________ good time to adopt Early adulthood healthy behaviours What strategies could be used to involve and engage parents? Several lifestyle factors are critical for ______________________________weight long term management childhood obesity? why/wh...
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