Thinking and emotions low se and negative emotions

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Unformatted text preview: gain? Thinking and Emotions Low SE and negative emotions ___________________________________ often accompany weight problems "ideal self" Internally held pictures of an ___________ unrealistic goals often result of _______________________ and beliefs about how we and others should be Challenge these beliefs and replace with realistic ones ________________________ Involves setting realistic goals, engaging in negative self ________________ (and stopping ___________)talk positive and problem-solving Coping Strategies Food _______ is often used as a coping mechanism Healthier ways of coping include: communication skills Fostering _______________________________ Learning to manage interpersonal conflict creating and maintaining healthy relationships ________________________________________ Using food appropriately—a fuel for life’s activities adequate amounts of sleep Obtaining _______________________________ 3 Body Image and Self-Concept Consists of ______________________________ perceptions, images, thoughts, attitudes and emotions ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Developing a +ve body image important for psychological wellness ________________________________________ Individuals with –ve diet restictively body image more likely to __________________ eat compulsively ______________________________, or develop other forms of disordered eating Body Image and Self-Concept Society/media tells us we should conform to...
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