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Body images i 95

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Unformatted text preview: DEAL body images _I_______________________________________ 95% Average actress and model is ______________ of female population 23% _______________________ and weighs ______ less than average woman People become dissatisfied with their inability achieve ideals to ______________________________________ EXAMPLE: ________________________________: beautiful 4% • _______ described themselves as “_________” Only 11% of girls comfortable with using the word • ________________________________________ beautiful to describe themselves 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful • ________________________________________ Body Image and Social Cues SE and body image are influenced by social interaction ____________________ through two processes: Reflected Appraisal 1) ____________________________________ others see us We see ourselves as ______________ or as we percieved reactions think they do = ___________________________ Females tend to attach more importance to physical appearance _____________________________ than males Particularly influential are the significant others reactions of “____________________________” 4 Body Image and Social Cues Social comparison 2) _____________________________________ relation to others Rating ourselves in _______________________ • Points awarded for _____________________, similarities differences deducted for __________________________ standards set by popular culture Based on _______________________________ ________________________________________ Body Image: Acceptance and Change Heredity CAN’T CHANGE: _________________________! Body weight and body shape _____________________________________ are both influenced by _____________________ heredity LIFESTYLE CAN CHANGE: ___________________________! Individuals can engage in regular physical activity, obtain adequate nutrition, maintain healthy eating habits **body changes as a result of the above natural and appropriate behaviours will be _______________________ for your genetic makeup 5...
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