Whywhy not should children be involved in programs

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Unformatted text preview: y not? Should children be involved in programs targeting childhood obesity? Research: Weight Gain in University Cornell University (2003) students put on an average of _________ between time they left 15 lbs high school and end of 1st year University Freshman 15 (“___________________________”) Accounted for by all-you-can eat dining # of weekend facilities, ↑ # evening snacks, ↑ # of ________ meals _________________, ↑ consumption of “junk” dieting foods, recent ___________________ 2 Research: Weight Gain in University Ohio State and University Michigan (2011) freshman 15 suggest that “_________________” is _______________________________________ a myrh Data from 7,418 student interviews (ages 17-20) 2.4-3.5 Freshman gained an avg of _______lbs per year more Heavy drinkers gained ___________ Those with a job gained __________ less no significant Income, poverty, and living in dorm had _____ _____________________ effect People who did not go to university also gained 1/2 weight— ________________ than college students of same age no effect University _________________ on weight...
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