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Unformatted text preview: ________ cholesterol – “good cholesterol” Monosaturated _______________ fatty acids may ↑ blood levels Trans fatty acids may ________________ in decrease blood levels large amounts Fats __________: Weight Management presence ________ of fat (vs. _________ of fat) seems to contribute most to CV disease Type of fat Trans fat consistently associated with higher risk of coronary heart disease Unsaturated fats appear to be most beneficial cardioprotection in terms of __________________________ unsaturated fats saturate **Choose ________________ instead of _________ trans heart disease and _________ fats to ↓ risk of ______________ d 4 Carbohydrates _________________________ sugar units Various combinations of __________________ (saccharides) energy Used primarily for ___________________ Occur in three forms: Monosaccharides 1) _________________ (one unit) e.g., glucose (blood sugar) Disaccharides 2) ________________ (two units) e.g., sucrose (table sugar) Polysaccharides 3) _________________ (> 2 units) e.g., starches simple ___________...
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