Clotting protein synthesis red

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Unformatted text preview: _____ • protein synthesis red blood cell formation • ______________________________ Minerals ~ 17 ________ minerals essential for good health Macrominerals MAJOR MINERALS (“_________________”) > 100 mg Body needs _________________ per day Exist in relatively high amounts in body tissues Calcium Examples: _____________, phosphorous, potassium, chloride magnesium, sulphur, sodium, ______________ _______________________________________ Calcium ____________ difficult to obtain in adequate milk or dairy amounts if diet does not emphasize _________ products ________________________________________ Minerals Trace minerals ________________________________ minute Body requires in _______________ amounts Exist in relatively small amounts in body tissues iron Zinc Examples: _______, ________, copper, selenium, iodine, flouride Required in very small quantities but are _essential for good health _______________________________________ **Safest way to prevent mineral eat a balanced diet……. deficiency = ________________...
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