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Unformatted text preview: _____________ 8 WATER ___________________ essential nutrient May be our most _________________________ digestion and absorption Used in _______________________________ of food Provides medium for nutrient and waste transport body temperature Controls _______________________________ chemical Functions in nearly all of the body’s _________ reactions ________________________________________ Water Water and other beverages typically ~80% fluid intake make up ______________________; remainder comes from foods Food and Nutrition Board (2004): All fluids • _________________including those containing caffeine ________________, can count toward your total daily fluid intake ~ 13 cups • Men: _______________ from beverages ~ 9 cups • Women: ____________ from beverages Foods and Nutrition in Weight Management 80%-90% Food is _______________of weight management adherence A major predictor for weight loss is __________ to the dietary plan ______________ plans must be individualized one you can enjoy and continue forever Best diet is _______________________________ _________________________________________ protein Eating a meal or snack including ____________ every 2–3 hours can help stabilize blood sugars, reduce hunger and aid in weight management doubles Keeping an accurate food diary ______________ the chances of success 9 Foods and Nutrition in Weight Management Three practical areas to start with include: meal skipping 1) Regular meals and snacks (no _______________...
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