Eat calories and 13 nutients includes

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Unformatted text preview: ______________________________ *Amount of food listed is ________________ NOT a recommended serving ______________________________________ Calories and Core Nutrients same order Always listed in _____________________ Calories if you eat ↑ than the amount of food in table, consume more calories than listed you will ________________________________ *Caloric needs vary, depending on age, bodym size, gender, activity level ______________________________________, whether one is __________________________ pregnant or breastfeeding Health Canada, 2007 % Daily Value Provides quick overview of _______________ nutrient profile (0-100%) Puts nutrients on same scale _____________ product comparisons allows ______________________________ Quickly identify _strenths and weaknesses __________________________________ of a food product Health Canada, 2007 15 Nutrition Claims labeling regulations 2003 ________________________ updated requirements of __________ nutrient-claims > 40 specific rules ______________________ must be met before a nutrition claim can be made Manufacturer can choose whether to include Nutrition Facts **Always check _________________ to get details Health Canada Nutrition Claims “Source of Fibre” 2g of dietary fibre Must contain at least ____________________ in amount of food specified in Nutrition Facts table “Low Fat” no more than 3 g of fat Must contain ____________________________ in amount of food specified in Nutrition Facts table “Cholester...
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