G red beans and rice 2 proteins weight management

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Unformatted text preview: rice) 2 Proteins ____________: Weight Management Consumption of protein with carbohydrates carb absorption delays ___________________and attenuates the insulin body’s ______________________ response satiating Protein more ____________ than carbohydrates Dietary intakes with _______ of energy from muscle loss protein can result in _______________________ Appears to be no difference in lean body mass gains between _____________ protein diets High-protein diets do not lead to weight loss calories are also reduced unless __________________________________ <15% 15% and 25% Fats (Lipids) _________________________ concentrated form Provide a ______________________ of energy Give some foods a pleasing taste, texture Help absorption of fat-soluble vitamins ______ A, D, E, K _______________________ retain heat Insulates our bodies to help _______________ Provides a protective cushion for internal organs and bones ~40% Visible fats represent only ______________ of the fat we consume Fats (Lipids) ____________________________ Dietary fat consists of a combination of 3 forms chemical composition of fat based on __________________________: Saturated 1) ____________________________ solid typically _____________ at room temperature animal products (e.g. meat, cheese) found naturall...
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