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Specified in nutrition facts table cholesterol free

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Unformatted text preview: ol-Free” negligible amount (< 2mg) Product must have _______________________ of cholesterol in amount of food specified in Nutrition Facts table; also must be low in _saturated and trans fat ______________________________________ Health Canada Nutrition Claims “Sodium-Free” less than 5mg Must contain _____________________ of sodium in amount of food specified in Nutrition Facts table “Reduced in Calories” 25% less energy Must have at least ______________________ than food it is being compared to “Light” reduced in fat Must be either “________________” or reduced in energy (calories) “__________________________________”; can also be used to describe sensory characteristics _____________________ (e.g., “light tasting”) but must be identified in claim Health Canada 16 List of Ingredients Mandatory __________________________ All ingredients listed in _________________ decreasing order by weight greatest • Ingredients present in _____________ amounts listed first _________________________________ Health Canada 17...
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