Vitamin b12 biotin pantothenic acid and vitamin c in

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Unformatted text preview: tothenic acid) and vitamin C In most cases, excess consumption results in in urine elimination from the body _________________ Important not to lose during preparation of resh fruits and vegetables _f_______________________________________ Vitamins ______________________ FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS fat or lipid tissue Capable of being dissolved in ______________ A, E, D, K Vitamins ______________________________ storage in Excess consumption results in _____________ liver and fat tissues ________________________________________ toxic amounts Possible to consume/retain ________________, particularly vitamins A and D Vitamins manufacture Body does not _________________ most obtain from foods vitamins = ___________________________ (fruits, vegetables, grains) To ensure adequate vitamin intake, best eat a variety of foods approach = _____________________________ Unless there are special circumstances, most people who eat a well-balanced diet consume prevent deficiencies enough vitamins to ______________________ _______________________________________ 7 Minerals ______________________ Inorganic micronutrients ______________________ micronutrients 5% Nearly ______ of the body composed of _minerals ________________ structural elements Function primarily as _____________________ (in teeth, muscles, hemoglobin, and hormones) Critical in regulation of body processes: muscle contraction • ______________________________ • heart function blood clotting • _________________________...
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