2 billion per year a person with diabetes can

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Unformatted text preview: actor in the deaths of ~ 41,400 Canadians each year twice as likely • Canadian adults with diabetes _____________ to die prematurely, compared to persons without diabetes "silent killer" • Costs the Canadian health care system ~$13.2 _______________ billion per year • A person with diabetes can face direct costs ranging from ____________________________ $1000- $15000 per year 7 Disease Prevention and Management: Type 2 diabetes • People with diabetes prone to complications: heart disease – _________________________ – stroke – kidney disease blindness – _________________________ peripheral neuropathies – __________________________ – circulation insufficiency → amputations – MSK injuries Complications • _______________________ are often the most debilitating aspect of type 2 diabetes Type 2 Diabetes: Prevention • Studies show that exercise prevents development of Type 2 diabetes • Directly: – Exercise ______________________ to burns carbohydrates help make cells ↑ sensitive to insulin to assist with ↓ blood glucose levels • Indirectly: body composition – Improved _________________________ Type 2 Diabetes: Management • Studies show that exercise is an effective control blood glucose management strategy to ______________ ______________________ of Type 2 levels diabetes • Direct and indirect mechanisms as consistent with prevention Recent management strategies have also followed a population health approach 8 Disease Prevention and Management: Bone Health porous bone- holes in it " porous bone • Osteoporosis: __________________ • To optimize bone health over the life span, healthy behaviours need to be at a young age adopted ________________________ Osteoporosis: An Overview What is Osteoporosis? normal bone _______________ ______________ porous bone Osteoporosis: An Overview Who Gets Osteoporosis? 1 in 4 women ______________ 1 in 8 men ________________ 9 Osteoporosis: An Overview Common Fracture Sites wrist hip ______ ______ spine _______ Osteoporosis: An Overview Impact of Osteoporosis Height loss 4 cm 8 cm 12 cm 3 F-B’s 2 FB’s Osteoporosis: An Overview Normal Growth and Development of Bone 10 Osteoporosis: An Overview Four Major Factors that Contribute to Bone Health Genetics ________________ Hormones Nutrition ________________ Physical activity Who is at risk? Major > 65 yrs. old History of vertebral # # with minimal trauma Family history _______________________ Long term steroid use GI diseases _______________________ history of falls Early menopause Minor Rheumatoid arthritis Extended anticonvulsant Extended blood thinner body wt <125 lbs ___________________________ ↓ calcium intake ↑ caffeine ↑ alcohol smoker __________...
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