Cardiorespiratory endurance improved through

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Unformatted text preview: of cardiovascular risk among lower income and First Nations populations 5 Cardiovascular Disease (CVD): Prevention • How can we best prevent the ill effects of CVD? cardiorespiratory endurance – Improved _________________________ through __________________________! aerobic exercise – Numerous studies have confirmed the ______________________ of exercise protective effects on the cardiovascular system Cardiovascular Disease (CVD): Management • Cardiac Rehabilitation: restore individuals – Aims to ________________________ who have suffered a myocardial infarction (i.e., heart optimal health attack) to ___________________________ – Achieved through either an exercise only program or a comprehensive program – Research shows that individuals who participate in exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation have significantly ____________________ compared to those decrease mortality receiving conventional care Cochrane Database Systematic Rev 2006 Disease Prevention and Management: Cancer ________________________________ Some studies show relationship between ↑ physical activity and ↓ risk for all types of cancer Strong evidence to suggest that regular colon cancer exercise ↓ ___________________________ breast and Data suggests that exercise ↓ ___________ ______________________cancers among reproductive women and prostate cancer among men pancreatic cancer Some data show ↓ risk of ________________ _____________ among active individuals 6 Disease Prevention and Management: Breast Cancer ______________________________ • A recent ↑ in literature regarding benefits of exercise for breast cancer patients – Support found across studies indicating the benefits of exercise in this population • Exercise shown to be effective during the course of medical management ______________________________ as well as in stages of _____________________ or non medical treatment remission Journal of Clinical Nursing 2007 Disease Prevention and Management: type 2 diabetes _______________________________ > 2 million • _______________ Canadians have diabetes • By the end of the decade, expected to ↑ to 3 ___ million ~10% • ________ of people with diabetes have type 1 90% diabetes, ________ have type 2 diabetes • The # of people with type 2 diabetes is ↑ due to: Rising rate of obesity – ____________________________________ – ____________________________________ Canadian lifestyles raise sedentary Disease Prevention and Management: Type 2 diabetes _______________________________ • A contributing f...
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