Lungs and circulatory system are working jogging or

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Unformatted text preview: _______________ __________________, dynamic exercises – Depends on how well your heart, lungs and circulatory system are working jogging or cycling – Activities such as ___________________ ______________________develop cardio respiratory endurance Components of Physical Fitness 2) Muscular strength: force a muscle can produce – Amount of ________________________ single maximal with a __________________________effort – Strong muscles are important for activities of daily living weight training and resistance – Developed by ______________________ training ____________________________________ exercises 3 Components of Physical Fitness 3) Muscular endurance: remain contracted – Ability of a muscle group to ____________ and resist fatigue ____________________________________ postrual – Muscular endurance important for _______ muscles spine ____________ to hold the ______________ in the correct alignment and ↓ strain – Developed through weight training Components of Physical Fitness 4) Flexibility: move joints through full range – Ability to _______________________ of motion ________________________________ ________________________________ – Stretching exercises and activities such as yoga can help minimize stiffness range of motion and maintain optional ____________ ________________________________ Components of Physical Fitness 5) Body composition: of fat to fat-free – Proportion ___________________ mass in the body – Healthy body composition involves ↑ proportion of fat-free mass and acceptably ↓ level of body fat increased body fat – A person with ________________ is more likely to experience a variety of health problems 4 Disease Prevention and Management Disease Prevention and Management: ___________________________________ • A leading cause of death in Canada • Places ↑ burden on individuals, families and healthcare system • A _____________________ is one of the six sedentary lifestyle major risk factors for CVD 50-240% • Physical inactivity ↑ risk of CVD by ________ Disease Prevention and Management: __________________________________ • Other risk factors for CVD: smoking, unhealthy cholesterol levels, – ____________________________________________ increased blood pressure, diabetes and obesity ____________________________________________ • Recent Stats (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2006): – Alarming ↑ in obesity, particularly among children – ↓ in smoking rates, placing Canada as a world leader in tobacco control – ↑ prevalence...
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