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95 percentile bmi

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Unformatted text preview: ____________________________________ > 95% percentile BMI _____________________________________ for age and sex Intervention 4 week group based ________________________________ lifestyle intervention (August 2008 & 2009) Monday – Friday 9am-4pm (children) Saturday family sessions 10am-2pm (guardians) "Booster Sessions" Monthly post-intervention support – ________________________ 6 and 12 months Follow-up assessments – ___________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ post intervention 2 INTERVENTION COMPONENTS: Group based physical activity _______________________________________ for children nutrition Group-based educational sessions related to __________ physical activity, and behavior modification ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Weekly family training sessions _____________________________________ for guardians Post intervention support _____________________________________________ for children and families GROUP-BASED INTERVENTION COMPONENTS Group names, logos, cheers, flags _sacrificr behaviour _______________________ (older campers pairing with and helping younger ones) CHAMP Road Trip Across Ontario _________________________________________________ team goal setting Daily completion of “passports” with sections devoted enhancing cohesion to ______________________________ during program and __________________________ after program ends Group-based physical activity for children Family _________________________________________ goal setting Group-based educational sessions for children and families buddy system _______________________________ for children and family members P...
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