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Unformatted text preview: ies City of London parks/recreation centres/swimming pools Masonville Pediatric Walk-In Clinic television ___________________________ Rogers TV Interview 4 RESEARCH COMPONENTS: 1) Initial Meeting (Exercise and Health Psychology Lab, UWO) _Letter of information. Assent, Consent ___________________________________________________ Demographic questionnaire ___________________________(PedsQL 4.0)—child report and parent report Acticals _____________________ (worn for 7 days prior to camp if possible) DXA Scan ___________________________ (body composition) Vessel Wall Imaging Quality of Life Acticals: brand of device 2) Bloodwork and Physical Assessment (CHWO) Fasting bloodwork _______________________________ (glucose, insulin, lipid panel) medical clearance Physical Assessment (_______________________________) accelorometor- high tech pedometer RESEARCH COMPONENTS: 3) Phone Conversation with C.H.A.M.P Dietician Child Lifestyle Questionnaire Child’s ___________________________ Towards Healthy Living self efficacy Questionnaire 4) First Day of C.H.A.M.P. Physical Activity Questionnaire for CHildren _________________________________________________________ Theory of Planned Behaviour and Self-Efficacy Scales Fitness Testing ____________________________ (Cooper 12 minute walk test) (PA...
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