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Revenue growth is expec ted to be led by growth in

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Unformatted text preview: om m itm ents of Rs 8,100 c rore over the next five years . Revenue growth is expec ted to be led by growth in infras truc ture & heavy engineering s egm ents . HEALT H CARE "Rev enues are ex pec ted to grow at 10% a y ear till 2014-15" Rak es h Goy al, Senior Vic e Pres ident, Bonanza Portfolio The s ec tor has s hown c ons is tent double-digit growth in the rec ent pas t. However, the US Food and Drug Adm inis tration's dem anding guidelines have hit overs eas s ales . Als o, the governm ent's new pric ing polic y has im pac ted m argins . The dome stic pharma marke t grew about 12% in 2012. Revenues are expec ted to c ontinue growing at 10% a year between 2013-14 and 2014-15. Generic s is em erging as one of the leading s egm ents that will gain as a num ber of drugs go off-patent in the next few years . Governm ent initiatives s uc h as allowing 100% foreign direc t inves tm ent in health and m edic al s ervic es will als o benefit the s ec tor. The governm ent als o plans to inc reas e health expenditure to 2.5% of gros s dom es tic produc t by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan (201217), whic h will give the s ec tor another big boos t. ypr int/201839 12/18 1/2/14 M ar ket exper ts on what to expect fr om var ious sector s in 2014 : Business Today Lupin T arge t price : Rs 950-970 The c om pany's foc us on s trengthening bus ines s in the US and operational effic ienc ies has led to a s us tainable ris e in profits . The c om pany reported 40% growth in net profit for the quarter ended Septem ber 30. Tec hnic ally, the s toc k is in a long-term uptrend, and is likely to hit Rs 950-970 in the m edium term . Biocon T arge t price : Rs 450 The c om pany has im proved its perform anc e over the las t two quarters . It is expanding pres enc e in em erging m arkets . On the c harts als o, the s toc k is s howing s trength in the near to m edium term . W e expec t it to hit Rs 450 in the next s ix to 10 m onths . Sun Pharma T arge t price : Rs 650 The s toc k has perform ed c ons is tently even in advers e m arket c onditions . At pres ent, it is in a c ons olidation phas e. It m ay be bought at c urrent levels with a target of Rs 650 and above in the m edium term . POWER "Gains from falling pric es of im ported c oal are not s us tainable" Daljeet S Kohli, Head of Res earc h,IndiaNiv es h Sec urities The s ec tor has done very poorly over the las t few years as profits s lum ped due to high fuel pric es . But things are c hanging. The ypr int/201839 13/18 1/2/14 M ar ket exper ts on what to expect fr om var ious sector s in 2014 : Business Today governm ent is trying to s ort out is s ues related to fuel s upply and los s es of s tate elec tric ity boards . Further, India's per c apita c ons um ption of 704 units a year is m inus c ule c om pared to developed c ountries , whic h indic ates the s ec tor's potential. W e believe that earnings will c ontinue to rem ain volatile due to fuels...
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