Global expansion is leading the spend agenda with

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Unformatted text preview: Manufacturing continues to remain strong for TCS. ** In spite of healthy deal wins in CY13, expect **Retail continues in line with company average, growth is stronger CY14 to be volatile. in North America than Europe. ** Engagements are related to driving cost and **Deal pipelines in manufacturing remain robust operational efficiency, risk and regulatory as well for CY14, expect more projects on the digital as digital. transformation side. **Transformation in the industry is not yet over **Newer technology areas like big and cost reduction and platform consolidation data, analytics and Omni channel are continue to be the main agenda. likely to drive growth in CY14. ** Retail banking – both investment and cost takeout models have seen good traction. ** Manufacturing and hi-tech has remained challenged for the last few quarters because of exposure to discretionary spending in the semiconductor space. ** Wireline and network equipment ** Retail has been muted for some manufacturer spends continue to drag growth. time now **Investment in banking is going to happen around digital, payments systems, analytics, infrastructure and compliance. ** Vertical looks to have bottomed out for Wipro. **Discretionary and transformational spends are weak in this vertical. ** Spending in security capital markets, investment banking and asset management is relatively less. Infosys **In manufacturing, primary driver for growth continues to be the Americas with Europe continuing to remain challenged. Some large transformational projects are nearing completion in Europe in CY14 ** Focus on annuity based revenue should change the revenue profile for this vertical; expect stable to moderate growth in CY14. TCS Wipro **Slight uptick in digital and Omni channel spends masked by transformation in the industry; expect CY14 to be muted. ** Overall, traction is good in both US and Europe. ** Financial Services continues to see a good pipeline HCL Tech ** Manufacturing continues to be a resurgent ** Telecom continues to be a market under vertical with a good mix of deal flow in both North pressure and cost reduction is the main fo...
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