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Lecture 7 - Reproductive system

Ovulation suppressing methods 2 barrier methods

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Unformatted text preview: er fertilization, blastocyst attaches to uterine wall or ENDOMETRIUM Types of Contraceptives 1. Ovulation-suppressing methods 2. Barrier methods (physical and chemical) 3. Surgical methods 4. Implantation-suppressing methods 5. Others Ovulation-suppressing methods 1. Oral contraceptives •usually contain a combination of hormones (estrogen, progestin) that prevent release of oocytes (ovulation) 2. Time-release capsules (e.g. Norplant®) •can be implanted under the skin of the upper arm and offer long-term suppression of ovulation Barrier methods (physical) 1. Condoms Male condom •fitted over the erect penis Female condom •placed inside the vagina Barrier methods (physical) 2. Diaphragm •caps the cervix and block passage of the sperm into the uterus Barrier methods (physical) 3. Cervical cap •also covers the cervix Barrier methods (chemical) 1. Spermicidal jelly or foam •kill sperm on contact and must be placed in the vagina prior to intercourse Jelly Foam Surgical methods 1. Vasectomy (for men) •the vas deferens con...
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