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Unformatted text preview: system, the moment is about z ­axis and the shear force is in the y ­direc?on ** This is opposite from the textbook 2 y x z Textbook coordinate Take the moment about center: z x Vy (z)= y dM x (z) dz Alterna?ve coordinate Resolve ver?cally: z y x -dVy ( z ) p y (z)= dz 3 Free body diagram Example A B V(kN) x(m) M(kN.m) x(m) 4 Example A V(kN) x(m) M(kN.m) FBD A B x(m) 5 Important concepts: Intensity of loads gives nega?ve slope for plot of local shear force versus z Shear force gives slope for plot of local bending couple (moment) versus z Beams generally fail at point where bending couple is a maximum A point force (infinite intensity) gives a jump in the shear force diagram Jump in bending ­moment diagram at point of applica?on of couple 6...
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