Male applicants under 26 by submitting this

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Unformatted text preview: h the Selective Service System if I am required to register under federal law. If I am under 18, I understand that I will be registered as required by federal law when I become 18. Voter Registration: I certify that I am not a convicted felon or my civil rights have been restored, and that I have not been adjudicated incompetent. I certify that I am a United States citizen. Submitting a false voter registration is a Class 6 felony. Your decision to register to vote or not, and where you submitted your application, will remain confidential. Applicant Signature (If under 18, Legal Guardian Certificate on the back must be completed.) Acknowledged before me this date. Date County Notary or MVD Agent Signature State Commission Expires Relationship To Applicant (check one) – #1 & 2 require only one signature; #3 may require one or more, depending on the proof provided; #4 requires both. 1. Natural parent, married to other natural parent 2. Natural parent with sole custody 4. Natural parent, not married to other natural parent,...
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