Consider the silver what is its cash value today

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Unformatted text preview: , we first need to quantify their values in equivalent terms—cash today. Consider the silver. What is its cash value today? Suppose silver can be bought and sold for a current market price of $25 per ounce. Then the 200 ounces of silver we give up has a cash value of1 (200 ounces of silver) ($25/ounce of silver) $5000 If the current market price for gold is $1300 per ounce, then for the 10 ounces of gold we receive a cash value of (10 ounces of gold) ($1300/ounce of gold) $13,000 We have now quantified the decision. The jeweller’s opportunity has a benefit of $13,000 and a cost of $5000. The net benefit of the decision is $13,000 $5000 $8000 today. The net value of the decision is positive, so by accepting the trade, the jewellery firm will be richer by $8000. E X AMPLE 3 .1 Problem Suppose you work as a customer account manager for an importer of frozen seafood. A customer is willing to purchase 300 kilograms of frozen shrimp today for a total price of $1500, including delivery. You can buy frozen shrimp on the wholesale market f...
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