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aboutmosaic - Mosaic USA Consumer lifestyle segmentation...

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Mosaic USA Consumer lifestyle segmentation for the United States ®
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Affluent Suburbia America’s Wealthiest Dream Weavers White-collar Suburbia Upscale Suburbanites Enterprising Couples Small-town Success New Suburbia Families Upscale America Status-conscious Consumers Affluent Urban Professionals Urban Commuter Families Solid Suburban Life Second-generation Success Successful Suburbia Small-town Contentment Second City Homebodies Prime Middle America Suburban Optimists Family Convenience Mid-market Enterprise Blue-collar Backbone Nuevo Hispanic Families Working Rural Communities Lower-income Essentials Small-city Endeavors American Diversity Ethnic Urban Mix Urban Blues Professional Urbanites Suburban Advantage American Great Outdoors Mature America Metro Fringe Steadfast Conservatives Moderate Conventionalists Southern Blues Urban Grit Grass-roots Living Remote America Hardy Rural Families Rural Southern Living Coal and Crops Native Americana Aspiring Contemporaries Young Cosmopolitans Minority Metro Communities Stable Careers Aspiring Hispania Rural Villages and Farms Industrious Country Living America’s Farmlands Comfy Country Living Small-town Connections Hinterland Families Struggling Societies Rugged Rural Style Latino Nuevo Struggling City Centers College Town Communities Metro Beginnings Urban Essence Unattached Multi-cultures Academic Influences African-American Neighborhoods Urban Diversity New Generation Activists Getting By Varying Lifestyles Military Family Life Major University Towns Gray Perspectives Welcome to the new generation of household consumer classifications for the United States. Over the last 20 years, Experian ® has established itself as a leading global provider of consumer segmentation. Our objective is to provide decision makers with the tools and services they need to successfully implement direct marketing and micromarketing strategies within their business. Whether you wish to target, acquire, manage or develop profitable customer relationships, we provide the best segmentation solutions to help your business grow. Mosaic ® USA takes its place amongst a global network of Mosaic segmentation that classifies a billion people worldwide, covering a third of the earth's surface. Mosaic USA Mosaic USA is a redevelopment of the Mosaic consumer segmentation system that describes American consumers. It is a household-based segmentation system that classifies all U.S. households and neighborhoods into 60 unique Mosaic types and 12 groupings that share similar demographic and socio- economic characteristics. Mosaic was developed based on more than 20 years of segmentation development expertise from one of the global leaders in segmentation systems. Experian has built more than 40 consumer segmentation systems around the globe, and the Mosaic classification is available in more than 25 countries.
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aboutmosaic - Mosaic USA Consumer lifestyle segmentation...

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