Capital budgeting risk a reading prepared by pamela

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Unformatted text preview: concern is how a project affects their portfolio's risk, not the project's total risk. Capital budgeting & risk, a reading prepared by Pamela Peterson Drake 7 Demonstration of simulation analysis Suppose that we are making an investment of $80 million in the equipment for a new product. Through research with our marketing and production management, we have determined the expected price and cost per unit, as well as the number of units to produce and sell. Along with these estimates, we have a standard deviation that gives us an idea of the uncertainty associated with these estimates. For simplicity, we have assumed that these three variables – price, cost, and number of units – are distributed normally with the mean and standard deviations provided by the company’s management. From the accounting department, we have an estimate of the range of possible tax rates during the product’s life; we’ve assumed a uniform distribution for these rates. This analysis has produced the following: Variable...
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