Our 4th edition strategy guides are based on the

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Unformatted text preview: housands of students each year. Our 4th Edition Strategy Guides are based on the continuing experiences of our Instructors and our students. We owe much of these latest editions to the insight provided by our students. On the Company side, we are indebted to many of our Instructors, including but not limited to Josh Braslow, Dan Gonzalez, Mike Kim, Stacey Koprince, Ben Ku, Jadran Lee, David Mahler, Ron Purewal, Tate Shafer, Emily Sledge, and of course Chris Ryan, the Company’s Lead Instructor and Director of Curriculum Development. At Manhattan GMAT, we continually aspire to provide the best Instructors and resources possible. We hope that you’ll find our dedication manifest in this book. If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me at [email protected] I’ll be sure that your comments reach Chris and the rest of the team—and I’ll read them too. Best of luck in preparing for the GMAT! Sincerely, Andrew Yang Chief Executive Officer Manhattan GMAT www.manhattangmat.com 138 West 25th St., 9th Floor NY, NY 10001 Tel: 212-721-7400 Fax: 646-514-7425 5 Manhattan GMAT Prep * Part I: General 1. DIGITS & DECIMALS In Action Problems Solutions 2. FRACTIONS In Action Problems Solutions 3. PERCENTS In Action Problems Solutions 4. FDP’s In Action Problems Solutions 5. STRATEGIES FOR DATA SUFFICIENCY Sample Data Sufficiency Rephrasing 6. OFFICIAL GUIDE PROBLEMS: PART I Problem Solving List Data Sufficiency List the new standard 11 21 23 25 39 41 45 55 57 63 69 71 75 79 85 88 89 Part II: Advanced 7. FDPs: ADVANCED In Action Problems Solutions 8. OFFICIAL GUIDE PROBLEMS: PART II Problem Solving List Data Sufficiency List 91 103 105 111 114 115 TABLE OF CONTENTS g PART I: GENERAL This part of the book covers both basic and intermediate topics within Fractions, Decimals, & Percents. Complete Part I before moving on to Part II: Advanced. g Chapter 1 of FRACTIONS, DECIMALS, & PERCENTS DIGITS & DECIMALS In This Chapter . . . g • Place Value • Using Place Value on the GMAT • Rounding to the Nearest Place Value • Adding Zeroes to Decimals • Powers of 10: Shifting the Decimal • The Last Digit Shortcut • The Heavy Division Shortcut • Decimal Operations DIGITS & DECIMALS STRATEGY Chapter 1 DECIMALS GMAT math goes beyond an understanding of the properties of integers (which include the counting numbers, such as 1,...
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