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Unformatted text preview: ting in a conviction)? __________________________________________________________________ Have you been arrested and/or convicted of or pleaded guilty or “no contest” to a misdemeanor involving sexual misconduct (whether or not resulting in a conviction)? ___________________________________ If yes to any of the above questions, please explain: _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 648452.1 Have you been served an eviction notice or been asked to vacate a property you were renting? _____________ Have you ever been evicted? _________________________________________________________________ If so, please list the Landlord, date of eviction and reason for eviction: _______________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you willfully or intentionally refused to pay rent when due? ____________________________________ If yes, please explain: ______________________________________________________________________ I understand that my Application Fee is non-refundable, and that any Lease or Reservation becomes void if my application is not ap...
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