Alternative industries 2 strategic groups within

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Unformatted text preview: ion Strategy Fair 6 Paths 1. Alternative Industries 2. Strategic Groups within Industries 3. Chain of Buyers 4. Complementary Product & Service Offering 5. Functional or Emotional Appeals to Buyers 6. Time Forming CFT Reframing the project Observing/Understanding Customers Decision Making by management Strategy Fair One Strategy Canvas Redefining Value Systemizing Report Systematizing Concept Step 1. Visual Awakening Compare your business with your competitors’ by drawing your “as-is” strategy canvas. See where your strategy needs to change. example) As-is strategy canvas HIGH Premium Low-end LOW Price Capability Energy Saving Design Optional Function Ease of Use Premium Space Step 2. Visual Exploration Go to the field to explore the six paths to creating blue oceans Observe the distinctive advantages of alternative products and services See which factors you should eliminate, create, or change example) Customer observation Step 3. Visual Strategy Fair Draw your “to be” strategy canvas based on insights from field observations. Get feedback on alternative strategy canvases from customers, competitors’ customers, and noncustomers. Use feedback to build the best “to be” future strategy example) To-be strategy canvas ‘The fashion icon’ HIGH New Product B-Alternative LOW Price Sound Easy of use Easy to get Moblility Capacity Storage Op...
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