Each team is given a timetable for progress and a

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Unformatted text preview: low down progress. Each team is given a timetable for progress and a fixed date for the project’s completion. Team members draw “value curves”, graphs that rank attributes such as a product’s sound or picture quality on a scale from 1 to 5. These help the team set priorities and differentiate Samsung’s products from rivals. Source: BusinessWeek(2006) Samsung’s Value Innovation Value Innovation is achieved only when the whole system of reality, identity, and image of a team project is properly aligned. Reality Value Innovation Identity Image Reality Identity Image - What actually exists in life from a subjective or objective view - What we intend to be in the future from a corporate view - Planning & Production - What Customers might imagine - Expectations based on past & present reality from a subjective view Objectives for Value Innovation Program Activate CFT (Cross Functional Team) activities in the initial stage of the New Product Development process Encourage communication and ownership among CFT members Formulate strategy for organization execution Build team projects into hit products through Value Innovation Characteristics of the Value Innovation Program Analysis of Customers’ Behavioral Psychology from a Zero Base Logic of Product Planning in New Product Development Logical Decision-Making Recognition of Anticipated Problems : Risk Management Flow of the Value Innovation Program Awakening Explorat...
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