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Unformatted text preview: tional Function Movie Step 4. Visual Communication Distribute your before-and-after strategic profiles on one page for easy comparison. Support only those projects and operational moves that allow your company to close the gaps to actualize the new strategy. example) Link to development through QFD As-Is To-be Distribute strategy canvas Communicate strategy House of Quality Pareto CFT (Cross Functional Team) Activity Best Practice: Bordeaux LCD TV TV (Overall) – No.1, Sales Amount & Vol. FP TV – No.1, Sales Amount & Vol. LCD TV – No.1, Sales Amount & Vol. (DisplaySearch, 3Q 2006) Sharing Best Practices Annual Value Innovation Awards: reward best practices CEO, CTO, Corporate Business Innovation, Finance, Marketing, and Staff Summary Successful Value Innovation Execute with companywide innovation activities Corporate Business Innovation Go with the organization’s work process Try out at least one project following the BOS framework, sequence, and tools before making judgment : to form training and adoption strategy within the organization Implication No such thing as a completely different innovation tool - Additional work is always needed to customize it for your organization Even the best tools need work to use them innovatively Value Innovation ideas start from noticing the everyday things and viewing in a different angle...
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