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18 what is theoretical about the darwinian view of

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Unformatted text preview: of homology Sugar glider NORTH AMERICA AUSTRALIA Flying squirrel Figure 22.17 The Fossil Record •  The succession of forms observed in the fossil record –  Is consistent with other inferences about the major branches of descent in the tree of life 11 9/30/12 •  The Darwinian view of life –  Predicts that evolutionary transitions should leave signs in the fossil record •  Paleontologists –  Have discovered fossils of many such transitional forms Figure 22.18 What Is Theoretical about the Darwinian View of Life? •  In science, a theory –  Accounts for many observations and data and attempts to explain and integrate a great variety of phenomena •  Darwin s theory of evolution by natural selection –  Integrates diverse areas of biological study and stimulates many new research questions Resistance to the Idea of Evolution •  The Origin of Species –  Shook the deepest roots of Western culture –  Challenged a worldview that had been prevalent for centuries –  Continues to bother proponents of biblical versions of creation –  Questions whether God is necessary to explain the existence of life and man 12 9/30/12 Did Darwin follow the scientific method as you were taught it? The Origin of Species •  Darwin developed two main ideas –  Evolution explains life’s unity and diversity –  Natural selection is a cause of adaptive evolution Descent with Modification •  The phrase descent with modification –  States that all organisms are related through descent from an...
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