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Unformatted text preview: l 2010) 2011 $’000 3,527 8.0 3,135 c) Franked dividends The franked portions of the final dividends recommended after 30 June 2011 will be franked out of existing franking credits or out of franking credits arising from the payment of income tax in the year ended 30 June 2011. 2011 $’000 8,311 Franking credits available for subsequent financial on a tax rate of 30% (2010: 30%) years based 2010 $’000 7,282 The above amounts represent the balance of the franking account at the end of the financial year, adjusted for: a) franking credits that will arise from the payment of the amount of the provision for income tax b) franking debits that will arise from the payment of dividends recognised as a liability at the reporting date; and c) franking credits that will arise from the receipt of dividends recognised as receivables at the reporting date. The consolidated accounts include franking credits that would be available to the parent entity if distributable profits of subsidiaries were paid as dividends. The impact on the franking account of the dividend recommended by the directors since year end but not recognised as a liability at year end will be a reduction in the franking account of $1...
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