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Unformatted text preview: of Cadillac has been disclosed as a discontinued operation within the 2010 consolidated income statement. The following review of operating results for the year is in respect of the continuing operations of the Group excluding the results of Cadillac Printing. 12 Wellcom Group Limited Directors’ Report Group revenues of $57.25m (2010: $54.62m) represented an increase of 5% over the previous financial year. This result included organic growth of 5% in Australasia, notwithstanding the strategic exit from the Queensland market, and 2% in the UK. Wellcom’s Asian operations contributed sales of $1.1m, representing 2% of the organic growth. For personal use only Operating margins within the group continued to improve when viewed in comparison to the prior corresponding period, increasing from 21% to 22%. EBITDA from continuing operations increased by 6% to $13.8m (2010: $13.0m) with EBIT from continuing operations increasing by 13% to $11.8m (2010: $10.4m). NPAT from continuing operations attributable to the owners of the Group increased by 19% to $9.15m (2010: $7.66m). The...
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