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13 wellcom group limited directors report likely

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Unformatted text preview: n since 30 June 2010 that has significantly affected, or may significantly affect: (a) (b) (c) the Group’s operations in future financial years, or the results of those operations in future financial years, or the Group’s state of affairs in future financial years. 13 Wellcom Group Limited Directors’ Report LIKELY DEVELOPMENTS AND EXPECTED RESULTS OF OPERATIONS The Group’s strong client base is expected to provide the basis for growth in the next financial year. For personal use only Further information on likely developments in the operations of the Group and the expected results of operations have not been included in this annual financial report because the directors believe it would be likely to result in unreasonable prejudice to the Group. ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION AND PERFORMANCE There have been no known breaches of any environmental regulations with which the Group is required to comply. SHARE OPTIONS There were no options for securities in the Company exercised during the financial year and there were no unissued shares in the Company, under options, at the date of this report. INDEMNIFICATION AND INSURANCE OF DIREC...
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