A portion of those meetings dealing with the

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Unformatted text preview: the external auditor; • liaise with the external auditors, including at least two (2) meetings each year with the auditors. A portion of those meetings, dealing with the preparation of the audited accounts of the Company, should take place in the absence of all management. • review and make recommendations to the board in relation to accounting policies or required changes to the major accounting policies of the Company; • monitor compliance by management with all approved accounting policies of the Company; • monitor the effectiveness of the Company’s risk and compliance internal controls and systems and make recommendations to the board when necessary; 6 Wellcom Group Limited Corporate Governance Statement regularly consider and monitor the Company’s exposure to significant risks, and make recommendations to the board in respect of such monitoring findings, including strategic and operational improvements in risk management planning and implementation and insurance strategies; • For personal use only • oversee the development by management of risk management plans and make recommendations to the board; • monitor the implementation of approved risk management plans throughout the Company; • monitor compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements (including continuous disclosure obligations) and declarations by management in relation to those requirements; • ensure completion of the Company’s annual corporate governance statement for...
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