Aasb 1053 application of tiers of australian

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Unformatted text preview: roup will need to disclose any transactions between its subsidiaries and its associates. However, there will be no impact on any of the amounts recognised in the financial statements. AASB 1053 Application of Tiers of Australian Accounting Standards and AASB 2010-2 Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards arising from Reduced Disclosure Requirements (effective from 1 July 2013) On 30 June 2010 the AASB officially introduced a revised differential reporting framework in Australia. Under this framework, a two-tier differential reporting regime applies to all entities that prepare general purpose financial statements. Wellcom Group Limited is listed on the ASX and is not eligible to adopt the new Australian Accounting Standards – Reduced Disclosure Requirements. The two standards will therefore have no impact on the financial statements of the entity. AASB 2010-6 Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards – Disclosures on Transfers of Financial Assets (effective for annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 July...
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