Additional information relating to the discontinued

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Unformatted text preview: ted losses and previously revalued assets of the entity, has been recognised in the consolidated income statement for the year ended 30 June 2011. Additional information relating to the discontinued operation is set out below: 2011 $’000 - Gain on sale Consideration received Carrying amount of net assets sold Other, including accumulated losses and revaluation reserve recycling Gain on sale of discontinued operations Cash flow attributable to discontinued operation Net cash inflows from operating activities Net cash outflows from investing activities Net cash outflows from financing activities Net cash provided by discontinued operations 47 25,339 (24,801) 538 (536) 2 2 3,009 (3,017) 485 477 - - Revenue (refer to note 3) Expenses Profit before net financing costs and income tax Net financing costs Profit before income tax Income tax expense Net profit attributable to discontinued operations 2010 $’000 1,304 (262) (363) 679 Wellcom Group Limited Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 6. Cash and cash equivalents 2011 $’000 2010 $’000 10 7,598 10,000 17,608 9 2,186 2,500 4,695 For personal use only a) Cash and cash equivalents Cash on hand Cash at b...
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