At the date of the annual report there are three 3

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Unformatted text preview: in office at the date of the annual report is included in the directors’ report. At the date of the annual report there are three (3) directors, two (2) of which are independent non-executive directors. The board seeks to ensure that its membership at any point in time represents an appropriate balance between directors with knowledge and experience of the Group and its businesses, and directors who can provide an external or fresh perspective. The size of the board is to remain at all times, conducive to effective discussion and efficient decision-making. Term in office The Company’s Constitution requires that one third of the directors (or the number nearest one third), being the longest serving directors, retire at each annual general meeting of the Company. All directors, excluding a Chief Executive Officer, are also required to retire where a third annual general meeting falls during the period in which they have held office. Retiring directors are eligible to be re-elected. The term in office held by each d...
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