Cash on deposit earns interest at fixed rates based

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Unformatted text preview: ank Cash on deposit Total cash and cash equivalents Cash at bank and on hand earn interest at floating rates based upon daily deposit rates. Cash on deposit earns interest at fixed rates based upon the bank deposit rate at the time of the deposit and in consideration of the term of the deposit. The interest rate applicable to cash on deposit at 30 June 2011 is 5.99% (2010: 5.45%). Cash is placed on deposit for terms between thirty (30) days to one hundred and eighty (180) days depending upon bank interest rates and cash flow requirements of the Group. b) Reconciliation of profit to the net cash flows from operating activities A reconciliation of the net profit after tax of the Group to the net cash inflows from operating activities is provided below: Net profit after income tax 9,623 7,662 Adjustments for non-cash income and expense items: Depreciation of non-current assets Amortisation of intangible assets Impairment of non-current assets Profit on disposal of non-current assets Profit on disposal of subsidiary Share of jointly controlled entity’s profit Interest income received and receivable Net exchange difference 1,975 (49) (477) (972) (434) (730) 2,934 32 351 (91) (1,011) (93) (741) 1,800 151 687 2,096 729 (541) (2,201) 11,657 (430) 852 1,022 139 428 (256) 263 11,061 Increase/decrease in assets/liabilities: Trade and other receivables Inventories Other assets Trade and other payables Income tax payable Deferred tax balances Provisions Net...
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