Changes in the expected useful life or the expected

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Unformatted text preview: at the intangible asset may be impaired. The amortisation period and the amortisation method for an intangible asset with a finite useful life is reviewed at least at each financial year end. Changes in the expected useful life or the expected pattern if consumption of future economic benefits embodied in the asset are accounted for by changing the amortisation period or method, as appropriate, which is a change in accounting estimate. The amortisation expense on intangible assets with finite lives is recognised in profit or loss in the expense category consistent with the function of the intangible asset. 36 Wellcom Group Limited Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 2. Summary of significant accounting policies (continued) For personal use only o) Intangible assets (continued) Intangible assets with indefinite useful lives are tested for impairment annually either individually or at the cashgenerating unit level. Such intangibles are not amortised. The useful life of an intangible asset with an indefinite life is reviewed at each reporting period to determine whether the indefinite life assessment continues to be supporta...
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