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Commitments in relation to finance and hire purchase

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Unformatted text preview: prior year the Group financed various plant and equipment under lease or hire purchase finance. Commitments in relation to finance and hire purchase leases are payable as follows: Within one year Later than one year but not later than five years Minimum payments* - 933 3,285 4,218 Future finance charges Recognised as a liability - (434) 3,784 Lease incentives in relation to non-cancellable operating leases included in lease liabilities Total lease liabilities - 60 3,844 - 724 3,120 3,844 Representing: Finance liabilities - Current (note 16) - Non-current (note 18) *Minimum lease payments includes the aggregate of all lease payments and any guaranteed residual. 65 Wellcom Group Limited Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 26. Segment information For personal use only a) Description of segments The Group has identified its operating segments based on the internal reports that are reviewed and used by the Board of Directors (the chief operating decision makers) in assessing performance and in determining the allocation of resources. The operating segments are identified by management b...
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