Details of directors attendance at these committee

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Unformatted text preview: erred to in this financial report. There were two (2) Audit Committee meetings held during the year. Details of directors’ attendance at these committee meetings are outlined in the directors’ report. The committee provides the board with additional assurance regarding the correctness and reliability of financial information prepared for use by the board and also for the integrity of the Company’s internal controls affecting the preparation and provision of the financial information in determining policies or for inclusion in the financial report. The Company’s Audit Committee charter requires a minimum of three (3) directors be appointed to the Audit Committee, comprising of at least two (2) non-executive directors and be chaired by a director who is not Chairman of the board and is otherwise independent. A least one (1) member of the committee must have financial expertise (for example, a qualified accountant or other professional with financial and accounting experience) and at...
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