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Fair value 000 current assets cash and cash

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Unformatted text preview: e 29 Work in progress 1,121 Other current assets 12 Non-current assets: Property, plant and equipment 77 Deferred tax assets 70 Current liabilities: Trade and other payables (7,481) Provisions * (2,376) Non-current liabilities: Provisions (2) Deferred tax liability (9) Net identifiable assets acquired 300 * Included within current provisions is the provision for a dividend payable to the former joint venture partners of $1,876,312. 72 Wellcom Group Limited Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 30. Business Combination (continued) For personal use only Fair value $’000 Goodwill arising on acquisition 2,633 Represented as follows: Purchase consideration Fair value of previously owned interest in iPrint Corporate Pty Ltd * Net identifiable assets acquired Goodwill arising on acquisition 375 2,558 (300) 2,633 * The acquisition date fair value of the Group’s 50% equity interest in iPrint Corporate Pty Ltd immediately prior to the acquisition was $2.56m. There was no gain or loss recognised as a result of remeasuring to fair value the Group’s equity interest in...
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